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◎ 健肺益氣,滋陰補腎
◎ 寧神養氣,改善失眠
◎ 增強免疫,強健體魄
◎ 抵抗疲勞,增加活力
◎ 減輕鼻敏症狀
◎ 促進病後康復
100% 中國被毛孢菌絲體

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《漢立方》冬蟲夏草 採用台灣嚴選的純正冬蟲夏草菌種,經rDNA比對證實與野生中國被毛孢菌絲體相似度高達99.6%。 產品利用含豐富天然76種礦物質及微量元素的純植物培養基,蘊含豐富活性成分,包括:腺苷,多醣,蟲草素和蟲草酸等,是品質與信心的最佳保證。

Han’s Classic Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia has a 99.6% similarity in rDNA sequence alignment compared to the Hirsutella sinensis strain in the global gene database. By using a special low temperature fermentation technique with nutrient broth comprising more than 76 types of trace elements, which is preserve all the bio-activities like adenosine, polysaccharide, cordycepin and cordycepic acid.

《漢立方》冬蟲夏草 功能:

Functions of Han’s Classic Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia:
Invigorates both lung and kidney
Encourage natural sleep and relaxation
Enhance immunity and improve general health
Resistance fatigue and increase vitality
Improve respiratory discomfort and coughing
Increase body strength after rehabilitation

《漢立方》冬蟲夏草 適合人士:
追求健康人士,尤其是關注肺氣管及腎功能 或 虛不受補人士。

Suitable for Han’s Classic Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia:
All wish to improve general health; people concerned about lung and kidney problem.

中醫理論 – 解說冬蟲夏草:

Traditional medical use of Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia:
In TCM theory, Lungs correlate closely with Kidneys. Lungs are responsible for taking in the “Natural Air Qi”. Food essence is heated up by the Spleen and propelled downward by the descending properties of Lungs which is then stored in the Kidneys as “Jing”. “Jing” is an undifferentiated, prime organic material that is neither yin nor yang. Jing is “the source of reproduction, development, and maturation”, hence the Kidneys are known as “the root of life”. Cordyceps can treat both Lungs and Kidneys directly and thus enhance the formation of “Jing” and cure all kind of “Jing deficiency” symptoms like aging, fatigue, impotency, decrease in libido and bronchitis.

成份:100% 中國被毛孢菌絲體

Ingredient:100% Hirsutella sinensis mycelia

保健:每日1次,每次 1-2粒。

建議每次以溫水送服為佳,以助身體吸收保健品及發揮其功效。 持續服用6個月,以達致最佳效果。

For health maintenance:Take 1-2 capsules each time, once daily.
For health improvement:Take 2-3 capsules each time, twice daily.

Suggested to be taken with warm water each time for better product absorption and efficacy; continue to take six months will achieve the best results.


Package:60 capsules of 495mg per capsule


Storage:Keep in a dry and cool place; keep cap tight.

1. 由於內含成份屬純天然,因此產品之顏色深淺略有差異,而不影響產品質素。
2. 孕婦及兩歲以下小孩服用前,請咨詢中醫師意見。
3. 外感實症咳喘忌服。
4. 服藥期間忌辛辣食物。

1. The natural ingredients in this product have color variations but will not affect the quality of the product.
2. Pregnant women and children under 2 years of age should consult a Chinese medicine practitioner before use.
3. Not suitable for symptom of cold and cough.
4. Do not take with hot and spicy food.

Made in Taiwan


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